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Learn Plus, your road to a new learning experience. Wanna learn something? Find it on Learn Plus and start learning today.

What is Learn Plus?

Learn Plus is a new way of learning online. We take learning on a more social level by adding a social networking part to the product. You can get to know people who are taking similar or the same courses as you and can become friends with them. Help each other complete the course to learn to the best of your abilities and having a person who takes the course with you.

All Courses on one Network

On Learn Plus we have high quality courses made by people with different levels of skill in all areas. This allows us to make courses for all levels of skill ranging from the pure beginners all the way to master experts. You can also add the maker of courses as your friends, which enables then to help you one on one.


Many online learning platforms are just video playlists designed for you to work through on your own. We believe that learning is best done together which is why we have tried to replicate a real classroom on the web. It is also important you get to know your teacher which is why we have increased interactivity with them too.


Knowledge is power which is why all the courses on Learn+ are free. We know how hard it is to find a good course for a good price online so we wanted to create a space where you can find one right for you without breaking the bank.

What are you waiting for?

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