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Learn Plus, the simplest corporate training solution available

What is Learn+?

Learn+ Enterprise is a new way to train your new employees. Businesses spend a lot of money on training each year and Learn+ for enterprise aims to reduce your costs by training your employees remotely. There is no need to spend money on venues or equipment, all you need to do is record a video.

More efficient training

When you hire someone new, you want them to be integrated into your firm fast. Learn+ allows you to train your staff anytime and fast, meaning that you can develop an evermore flexible workforce. No more expensive venues or training days as everything can be assigned through our platform and no need to repeat something twice.


Many other online training platforms are designed only for large corporates with a lot of features that you don't actually need. Learn+ makes it easy to add a new team members to the platform and also makes it really easy to add and assign your training materials. This way you can really utlise the main advantage of online training which is speed and accessibility.

No-nonsense pricing

Learn+ was designed with SME's at heart, therefore our pricing structure is extremely simple, per user, per month, so you can focus on the training!

What are you waiting for?

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