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Why we're doing this


Started in 2016 for accessible learning

Learn+ was originally started to try and create a social online learning space for young people. Pioneered by some high school students at our company Arlix Technologies, we wanted to make online learning much more fun.

Ideal Training

Being a student startup, we constantly had more developers and staff joining our team and each time they did we had to explain similar things. This prompted the concept of how we can use online learning to speed up the process of integrating new staff.

Moved to enterprise in 2017

After testing the platform with many young people throughout 2017, we decided that our platform could be really effective in the corporate space. The demand for online training within our own company caused us to pursue the enterprise version further.

Developed Learn+ Enterprise throughout 2018

This time, bringing professional developers into our company, we designed and built what now is an extremely functional but simple web based program for employers to train employees.

Private Beta

In October 2018, we have started to invite companies to testdrive our platform for the first time. The feedback will be used to further the develop

Future Development...

Over the next few quarters, we hope to add additional features such as HR system integration, and based on beta feedback we may add features which improve user experience such as gamification.